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How it works

Patreon is a crowdfunding website that allows people to support thousands of independent content creators just like me.


When you arrive at

you can chose a level that you would to donate at.

The process takes a few minutes and is simple and secure. 


Your donation is charged monthly until you decide to cancel.

The minimum recommended donation is $3 per month.

Sign up at $5 or more to get access to When in Spain bonus content. Each membership level comes with different benefits.


Why Support?

I make the The When in Spain podcast independently in my free time alongside my day job. 


I have no advertisers, no sponsors, no media company backing. All episodes are available to listen to for free. However, my time and resources for producing the episodes are not free. It comes at a personal cost.

So if you enjoy the When in Spain podcast and don't want to see it disappear please do consider making a small contribution to help support the longterm future of the podcast.

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Why are Patreon pledges in dollars? 

Patreon is a US-based company and so at the moment they operate using dollars. You will be billed in US dollars wherever you live in the world. 

Can I adjust my pledge amount? 

Yes, absolutely. You can increase it or decrease it at any time and the update will come into effect on the following billing cycle. 

What if I want to make a one-time pledge?

Patreon is not set-up for this, however you could make your pledge, wait for it to be billed and then cancel your account. 

What is the minimum monthly pledge I can make? 

The minimum tier set on The When in Spain Patreon page is $3 per month (called Shout Out). However, Patreon gives you the option to make a custom pledge for any amount starting at just $1.