Spain's secret beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons & caves with Lola Culsán & John Weller - Ep.92

Let's banish the winter blues with a trip around some of Spain's most beautiful and secret swimming locations.

Forget the packed beaches of the stereotypical 'costas' and let's transport ourselves to secluded coves, white sand beaches, emerald pools, craggy canyons, wild waterfalls and relaxing rivers.

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Cala Blanca, Andratx - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

Guiding us around these of the beaten track slices of watery wonder are Lola Culsán & John Weller. Lola and John live in London and both are avid swimmers. So much so that they have written and produced two beautiful books all about wild swimming in Spain both inland and on the coasts.

Playa de Somocuevas, Piélagos - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

Platja de Ses Illetes, Formentera - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

Laguna de Taravilla - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

Their first book is called, Wild Swimming Spain - Discover the most beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls of Spain.

They also have a brand new second book coming out on March 1st 2021 called, Hidden Beaches Spain - 450 secret coast and island beaches to walk, swim & explore.

In fact for their latest publication, Lola and John were lucky enough to take a year out from their jobs in London and spend a whole year driving the coasts of Spain in their camper van all in the name of research! What a tough assignment!

Peralejos de Truchas - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

Wild waterfall - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

In the episode John and Lola are going to guide us around some of their favourite places to swim, kayak, dive and hike (or just relax) all around Spain and also offer practical advice if you want to some wild swimming in some wild locations.

Hidden Beaches Spain by Lola Culsán & John Weller

If you would like to get a copy of their books you can pre-order Hidden Beaches Spain on Amazon or via Wild Things Publishing at and their first book, Wild Swimming Spain is already available from the same places.

Can't wait until March 1st for Hidden Beaches Spain? No problem! You can immediately download the super exclusive pre-launch digital edition from Wild Things Publishing's website for £7.99

To find out more about Lola and John check out their social media:



Instagram @wildswimmingspain

Playa el Portillu, Llanes - Courtesy of John Weller & Wild Things Publishing

List of locations mentioned in the podcast episode:

L'Alta Garrotxa - Girona

Lago Ausente – Castilla Leon

Huesca – Barranco de la Nata de Arro, Sierra de Guara, Cañón Del Río Vero, Salto De Bierge

Pozas Pígalo – Zaragoza

Cangas de Onís – Asturias Fiesta de las Piraguas (The Canoe Fiesta of Asturias)

Río Deva, Panes, Pechón Playa – Cantabria

Cave of Altamira – Cantabria

Castro de Baroña – A Coruña

Bolonia, Baelo Claudia, Costa de la Luz - Cadiz

Cami de Cavalls - Menorca

Cala Pudenta – Menorca

Praia Barreira (Beekeeper Beach) - Galicia

Cíes Islands – Galicia

Praia da Coviña – Galicia

Playa de Mónsul – Almería

Cala Estreta – Girona

Costa Calida, La Manga, Cala del Cuevo, Cala de las Cañas – Almería

Denia, La Cova Tallada – Alicante


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