Madrid vs Barcelona – comparing the incomparable with Daniel Welsch from The Chorizo Chronicles

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The great Spanish city face-off. Yes, it's the question so many people ask - which city is best, Madrid or Barcelona? And it's a difficult question to give a definitive answer to!

Barcelona and Madrid skylines

To help me compare these two amazing Spanish cities I speak to Daniel Welsch who has the great privilege of actually living in both cities simultaneously. Qué Suerte! or Que Sort!

After living in Madrid for 14 years Daniel recently relocated to Barcelona when his girlfriend landed a new job there. But that doesn't stop him spending a week or two each month in his beloved Madrid.

Daniel Welsch in Barcelona
Daniel Welsch in Barcelona

Daniel has recently had an article published on this very topic on Lonely Planet. He's also well-known for his Chorizo Chronicles blog, looking at Spanish life as an expat.

Together we look at the pros and cons of both cities and examine, culture, people, work, food and livability along with Daniel's favourite places in each.

Are you a Madrid or Barcelona person?

Also check out Daniel's English learning resources at his YouTube Channel and podcast.