Discovering Spanish wine with Luke Darracott & Roque Madrid - Episode 40

This week I’m talking all about el vino, Spanish wine. To help me explore the world of Spanish wine I’ve enlisted the help of wine lovers, wine experts Luke Darracott and Roque Madrid.

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Roque Madrid & Luke Darracott
Roque Madrid & Luke Darracott with Paul Burge

In the episode I head along to their wine shop called Madrid & Darracott where we talk about the history of Spanish wine, the various regions and D.Os, styles and general wine appreciation.

We talk a little about what to try, how to order and where to go if you want to visit wineries in Spain.

Madrid & Darracott shop in Madrid
Madrid & Darracott near Plaza Mayor

Luke and Roque also talk about their background in wine and how they came to open their own shop selling their favorite Spanish wines. We also crack open a bottle and do a little tasting too, glug, glug!

Wine glass at Madrid & Darracott
We cracked open a bottle for little ´cata´

Luke & Roque´s Shop & Wine Experiences

Spanish Wine Experience podcast

Madrid & Darracott
Madrid & Darracott shop

The vocabulary that I talk about in the show can be found below:

Una copa de = A glass of (For wine) N.B not Un vaso de

Un chato de = A tumbler of

Un tinto = Red wine

Un blanco = White wine

Un rosado = Rosé wine

Afrutado = Fruity (Some argue the correct expression is ´frutal´)

Alegre = Zingy

Amplio = Full bodied / Big

Dulce = Sweet

Seco = Dry

Crianza = Minimum 6 months aging in oak barrels for reds; whites and rosés must be aged for 6 months in oak barrels.

Reserva = aged for three years with one of those in barrel. For whites, they must be 2 years with 6 months of that in oak barrels.

Gran Reserva = minimum 18 months aging in the oak barrel and 3 – 3.5 years in the bottle. For whites and rosés, it should be 4 years of aging with 6 months of that in an oak barrel.

Ribera del Duero vineyards
Ribera del Duero