Comedy as an antidote to the frustrations of life in Spain with Richard Marshall | Ep.62

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Anecdotes as an antidote! 🎭💊

British comedian Richard Marshall from Madrid Stand Up Comedy talks to me about the frustration and isolation we can face when moving to Spain. Richard shares with us how he’s used comedy as an antidote to overcome the anxieties of immersing himself in a new culture and language.

Richard and I also had lots of laughs examining the little cultural differences we’ve noticed and we also attempt to compare the Spanish and British sense of humour. Yes, laughter really is the best medicine!

Richard Marshall

Madrid Stand Up in English

Catch Richard at Teatro de las Aguas Madrid. More info and tickets here

Also check out the Madrid Stand Up comedy Facebook group and Richard´s Instagram

As mentioned in the podcast episode, if you´re looking for a round-up of comedy that´s on in Madrid check out Madrid Live

Paul & Richard


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