Becoming Spanish: 17 habits I've picked up since living in Spain - Podcast episode 42

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

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Ah! The delightful Spanish habits and customs. Giving everyone dos besos (this gets time consuming in large groups and you can't miss anyone out).

Drinking coffee from glasses, wearing flip-flops indoors (Spaniards are quite squeamish about going barefoot in the house).

Being more stingy when tipping,(anyone got 20 céntimos? ), mixing up Spanish and English, and buying everyone a drink when it's MY birthday.

All things I never used to do when I lived in the UK.

Couple giving dos besos
Dos besos - You´ll spend a lot of time doing this in Spain.
Buying everyone a drink when it's MY birthday?! Whaaaaat?!

In this episode of the When in Spain podcast I run through these habits and many more that I've adopted after many years of living in Spain. Some of them have come easily, others not so much. I guess it's all part of becoming Spanish.

It´s my round

Yes to coffee in a glass. Here's a video of me at home trying to replicate an authentic cafe con leche that you find in a typical Spanish bar. What's your verdict?

Habits are usually something we adopt subconsciously through repetition. I read somewhere that you have to do something sixteen times for it to become a habit. Sure, most of the day-to-day customs here in Spain have rubbed off on me through doing them again and again.

There's some truth in that.

Dejar propina - How much should you leave? The answer. Not much.

But hang on a minute. There are habits that have been - how can I say this - forced upon me.

I've just had to accept them. It's all part of integrating into a different culture. And for the most part I love Spanish customs.

Spanish flip-flops
Flip-flops shall be worn at all time indoors