Ask me anything! When in Spain Listeners' questions answered. Spain & my Spain story + lots more...

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I asked When in Spain podcast listeners to "ask me anything"!

About Spain that is - and my life here plus other insights, thoughts and observations from the point of view of a guiri living in Spain.

Hear all my answers to dozens of questions in the two When in Spain episodes below.

The fantastic When in Spain listeners, followers and supporters did not disappoint with dozens of great questions all about Spain and life here. Questions like;

What do you miss about the UK that you don´t have in Spain? Do the native people frown upon Americans moving to Spain? Are people from Burgos cold? Why did you move to Spain? How did you meet your Spanish fiancée? What´s your favourite place in Spain? Will survive the economic fallout from the Corona virus? What is your-hands down- favorite Spanish dish? 5 reasons why I shouldn't buy a house in Galicia? What would you recommend that I do first to integrate into my new life as a Madrileño? What made you decide to start a podcast? Do you ever meet your listeners?

Do you share burning questions about Spain like these...?

Listen to the two episodes below to hear my answers to these questions plus many , many more...

In Part 1 I answer your questions about how and why I came to live in Spain, my personal story, where to live in Spain, the situation with Covid-19 and why I decided to start the When in Spain podcast, how I make it and the journey it has taken me on.

Listen to Part1

In Part 2 of "ask me anything". I answer more of your questions about life in Spain from my point of view. In the second part I answer your questions about my favourite Spanish food and restaurants, moving to different parts of Spain, washing machines and Spanish culture and history plus some of my favourite Spanish quotations and sayings that I try to live my life by.

Listen to Part 2

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