A moving to Spain checklist with relocation coach Molly Piccavey - When in Spain podcast episode 54

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

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Are you thinking about moving to Spain? Wondering where to live and how to buy or rent a property in Spain? Do you want to look for work or retire to Spain?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then this episode is for you.

I chat with Molly Piccavey who runs the award-winning Spain blog Piccavey.com and also works as a relocation coach. Molly has spent more than two decades living and working in Spain and she explains all of the important factors to consider ahead of a permanent or long term move to Spain.

In the episode we talk about finding property to buy or rent in Spain and potential hidden expenses, how to choose a part of Spain where you'll enjoy living, finding work, paperwork, your options for healthcare in Spain, learning Spanish and adapting to the Spanish lifestyle.

Want to know more? Listen to Molly´s expert advice in the episode using player below.

Molly Piccavey
Molly Piccavey

You can find Molly's blog and more information about her relocation coach service at piccavey.com

If you'd like to contact Molly directly about her relocation service email her at mollysp@gmail.com