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I started the When in Spain podcast in June 2018 as a creative outlet and a way of sharing my love of Spain with the rest of the world. Since launching, When in Spain has become one of the most popular travel and culture podcasts about Spain.


When in Spain is simply a podcast show about all aspects of Spain. Through the episodes I explore the country's culture and offer my own insights on life here as a Brit who has spent many years integrating into the Spanish way of life. 

With the help of expert guests we uncover everything Spain has to offer, whether you're interested in living and working here, visiting and travelling or just have a passing interest. Episodes look at Spanish lifestyle, travel, traditions, practical advice, food and drink, the Spanish language and unique perspectives from people who have made Spain their home.


Each episode is produced in my apartment in the heart of Madrid's oldest barrio, La Latina with many episodes recorded on location all around the Spanish capital.

When possible, I record episodes in other parts of Spain too. So far I have recorded podcast episodes in Toledo, Zaragoza, Gran Canaria, Cádiz, Murcia, Cartagena, Málaga, Asturias and even on board the AVE high-speed train on a trip to Barcelona. 

As well as entertaining and informing, I try to transport you, the listener to Spain my immersing you in the sounds of Spain. Bustling markets, buzzing bars, colourful festivals, tranquil beaches, palaces, cathedrals and busy back streets. The real sounds of Spain so you can close your eyes and imagine you're here. What I like to call audio tapas! 


about paul

¡Hola! I’m Paul Burge, the guy behind the When in Spain podcast show

I was born and grew up in Oxford, UK and have been living in Spain for five years.

I spent a decade working as a broadcast journalist in London for various news outlets, including BBC and CNN before moving into corporate communications.


During my first few years in Spain I worked in marketing and communications for a number of Spanish companies.


In 2017 I trained as an English teacher and now inflict English on Spanish students. 

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