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When in Spain

From tapas to trains, conquests to quesos, fiestas to fabada & bulerías to bidets - the When in Spain podcast takes you on a weekly audio journey through Spanish lifestyle, culture, history, food, people, places & spaces. 


Highlands to islands, sand to sierra. Pack your bags for a lively journey around Spain as we rub shoulders with the crowds at Madrid's Rastro market, get lost in the mountains of Asturias, scorch our feet on the dunes of Gran Canaria and much more.  


Along the way we're joined by special guests - authors, comedians, guides, dancers, bloggers, activists, photographers, business owners and everyday people who have made Spain their home. 

There's always something fascinating to learn about one of the world's most visited countries - España. 


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The voice 

behind the podcast


I’m Paul Burge, the voice behind the When in Spain podcast show.

I started When in Spain in 2018 as a hobby and creative outlet, also I love sharing Spain with fellow Spain fans. 

The show has since become one of the most popular podcasts about Spain.

When in Spain is recorded weekly, usually in Madrid where I live, but often in other parts of Spain that I travel to.